Recover, vacuum leak test, re-charge your A/C vehicle’s system!

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to make sure your A/C is working properly.  Maybe your vehicle doesn’t feel as cool as the summer before.  This is a good sign that it needs checking.

Overtime, the underside of your vehicle gets hit with tiny rocks, dirt and other debris from the roads we travel into the mechanical parts of your vehicle.  This can create tiny holes in your hoses that carries the refrigerant to your A/C system.  This will reduce your vacuum pressure, leaving you with an A/C that isn’t working 100%.

Our technicians are trained and will inspect and repair leaks, remove the old refrigerant, and replace it with new refrigerant so your A/C is working properly.

We will charge your system with the proper amount of refrigerant. At-home kits will make this task near impossible to accomplish and with results in over or under charging your A/C system, causing it to perform in-properly.

After we have checked, refilled and recharged, we will check its performance to make sure everything is working correctly.


Don’t forget to pay attention to your temperature gauge in your vehicle.  If it looks like it is always getting higher, this can also be a indicator that something is wrong or not working properly with your A/C system in your vehicle.  This should be checked so no further damage is done to your vehicle’s engine.